Pretty Faces, Beautiful Hearts

Over the past year we’ve been privileged to welcome several new staff and volunteers to our Tamar’s Hope team. These are some seriously servant-hearted people and we love ’em lots. Just wanted to take a moment to show them off to you…


ROBERTA - Life Coach and Beauty Expert

RobertaLife Coach and Beauty Expert

Roberta laughs loud, hard and often. (Unless she’s stuck in Guatemala City traffic.) She’s as serious about education and professional development as she is about having fun in any crowd. As a teacher, entrepreneur, hairstylist and life-long learner, Roberta brings a full life skill set to share with her “sisters” from La Linea, modeling what life can be like on the other side.



EvelynMentor and Hardcore Listener

A few years ago, Evelyn got a taste for learning and has since become a scholastic powerhouse with pursuits into formal high school education, theology and dressmaking. Life after La Linea has taken her all the way to a career as a sewing instructor and she brings her very patient and gracious teaching style to Tamar’s Hope to inspire many others.



PaulaTamar’s Hope Volunteer

With all kinds of positive energy and quest for adventure, Paula somehow creatively juggles roles as architect, homeschool teacher, business owner, church leader and world traveler. And then occupies her “spare” time generously loving on the ladies at La Puerta once a week and helping Tamar’s Hope develop social enterprise projects.



JackieTamar’s Hope Volunteer

Jackie is all about drinking good coffee, singing her heart out, improving her English, playing volleyball and hanging with friends on the beach – ideally all at once. She brings every bit of her enthusiasm for life each week to the ladies at La Puerta, leading Zumba classes, playing games and chatting soul to soul, all while drawing on her very helpful degree in psychology.



ViviTamar’s Hope Volunteer

Vivi hates all bugs and stingy things, loves tending her exotic plants, makes quick friends with any dog or kitty, and would fight you for them with her mad karate skills. During the week she’s busy with her full-time job as a business administrator, but generously shares her every Saturday to laugh and live and love with the women on La Linea.