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Her family called her Chispita (little spark), but to us she was Yocelin. The first time we met her, she sat huddled over a chair, her tongue pointed in concentration as she frantically coloured a sheet of paper.  What she produced with that fierce effort was heartbreaking – a toddler scrawl without definition or plan.  […]

The T Word

“The women you work with…are any of them trafficked?” We get asked this question a lot.  Way too often. I just don’t like the T word. The issue of human trafficking is horrifying, and all of a sudden, it’s getting a lot of media attention.  Imagine a trade in human lives, sold for exploitation.  It’s […]


Just over a year ago C. decided that she just couldn’t stand to be on La Linea for another moment.  On a Saturday afternoon at the end of January, she walked away from 16 years of prostitution without even bothering to unlock the door of her little room. It was the start of an amazing […]

Broken Silence

Hi! How are you? It’s been a while, right? You know when people post vague, cryptic messages on FB – the kind that make you think all kinds of drama is going on…they can’t say anything, but they want to make sure you know something serious is going down? Yeah, those posts. I’m not a […]

Losing Sulay

“Darling.  Someone just killed Sulay!!!” It was 4.30pm last Thursday – and I was happily strolling through the luxury of a bookstore in Calgary. And even now, I can’t think about it without crying. How is it, do you think, that it can be so easy to end a life; to blot out all of […]

Bruised, Broken and Breathing

We called her Lorena. It’s not her name, of course, but for the majority of the world’s sexually exploited women, a fake name is a first line of defense – separating their true selves from the lie of the life they are forced to live. In these recent blogs I’ve used her first initial as […]

The Stranger Beside You

Today I got to hold L’s hand and tell her that people all over the world, people she will never meet, care enough about her to pay for her surgery and pray for her recovery. Although she can barely move, she was able to nod her head and give my hand a good squeeze. In […]

Saturday Night

She’s one of the few women desperate enough…broken enough, to actually live on La Linea.  Over the past six years she’s worked hard to turn the ugly little room into a home, but there’s not much she can do with bare walls and a tin roof. Last Christmas, she proudly showed off her sparkling, plastic […]

Bea’s Day

Let me tell you a little bit about Bea. Bea is amazing. Like, for reals. In a world where understated really isn’t a thing, Bea shines, no, glows, like a meltdown at a nuclear power plant. She’s a woman you can’t fail to notice. She’s loud – fairly bellowing her demands for coffee when a […]


“Tell me again, how old are your kids?” She beamed.  She has a delicious smile. “Seven and five.” “That’s right.  I remember now.  You showed me pictures before I went away. They’re so cute.” “You remember, really?” Oh that smile. It’s a killer! We carried on talking and laughing while she waved other friends into […]