Saturday Night

She’s one of the few women desperate enough…broken enough, to actually live on La Linea.  Over the past six years she’s worked hard to turn the ugly little room into a home, but there’s not much she can do with bare walls and a tin roof. Last Christmas, she proudly showed off her sparkling, plastic […]

Bea’s Day

Let me tell you a little bit about Bea. Bea is amazing. Like, for reals. In a world where understated really isn’t a thing, Bea shines, no, glows, like a meltdown at a nuclear power plant. She’s a woman you can’t fail to notice. She’s loud – fairly bellowing her demands for coffee when a […]


“Tell me again, how old are your kids?” She beamed.  She has a delicious smile. “Seven and five.” “That’s right.  I remember now.  You showed me pictures before I went away. They’re so cute.” “You remember, really?” Oh that smile. It’s a killer! We carried on talking and laughing while she waved other friends into […]

Simple Gifts

“My name is …” Words to bring tears to my eyes and make me weak with the honour of hearing such a simple, precious truth. The sex trade is all about illusion.  The illusion that women are free to sell their bodies…that it’s empowering…that Prince Charming will walk through their door…that sex with strangers is […]

Walk the Line

They call it “La Linea,” (the line) – a stretch of disused railway track that snakes its way across Guatemala City.  It runs for miles, and thousands of people have scavenged sheet tin and garbage to build simple shacks along its twisting banks.  The community we were looking for is in the heart of Guatemala […]

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